We are more than just another Ship To Ship provider

We believe in having a close relationship with our clients, that way we know what kind of service they require and we can provide a tailor made solution.

Aiming to become your trusted partner.


Ship to Ship provider

Working with top-quality certified equipment is a must – but not always enough. At STS we can provide both our own experienced supervisors and equally well-qualified free-lance supervisors who can handle or supervise the handling of the equipment expertly, efficiently and (environmentally) safely.


Loss control expediting

Our expeditors are highly skilled experts with nautical, technical and product knowledge They are familiar with local practices and procedures, as well as all aspects of terminals and ships. Observation of agreements/procedures by all parties as well as quality and quantity control of the product being delivered are some of their main concerns.


Equipment rental

Our suppliers are global renowned manufacturers who deliver high industrial quality hoses, fenders and reducers. Our products are certified and tested extensively. Careful documentation of the latest data is crucial, as well as having a thorough cleaning procedure in place.

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